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Nature Based Therapy is a way of working with psychological/emotional difficulties that incorporates the healing aspects of our natural surroundings within the context of a psychotherapeutic relationship. Both everyday experience, and research, demonstrates that being in nature has a restorative effect on our minds. Nature is not only restorative, but can facilitate states of self-reflection and attainment of new perspectives which is an important component in psychological and emotional change. Counselling while walking and/or sitting in a natural space can therefore be a potent means of addressing difficulties. There is something in the natural rhythm of walking in peaceful, beautiful surroundings that aids the working through of personal difficulties.


Being based in Conwy, North Wales there are a wide variety of natural spaces - coastal, woodland, mountain and moorland in which nature based therapy can take place. Nature based therapy may involve walking and talking or more structured therapeutic techniques designed to facilitate self- understanding and the development of new perspectives on your problems using nature as a facilitator in this process.


















Nature based therapy can be integrated with indoor counselling, that is some sessions can be outdoors and others indoors or you may choose to work solely outdoors. However, there is always the option of working inside if weather or other factors prevent outdoor therapeutic work.





What is Nature Based Therapy?

If you're interested in Nature Based Therapy

If you feel that Nature Based Therapy may of be benefit to you then please contact me. The first therapy session will take place indoors, so that we can discuss whether this approach is right for you. We can then arrange your first therapy session outside and decide on a location.

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